.Cute Goat-shaped USB Flash Drive
SP understands most people are engaged in busy schedules. Therefore the USB flash drive Unique 550 is designed to ease anxiety and bring delights into your daily lives; meanwhile it also responds to the upcoming jubilant Chinese New Year. Featuring an adorable goat figure and red curved horn, Unique 550 pours novelty and all-day energy into plain routines.


Decoration for Stress Relief
The innovative packaging which imitates goats grazing in lush green pastures  is designed with an artificial turf and a fence to create a vivid and pleasant view for your office. This cute goat-shaped USB flash drive not only stores data but adds a lively twist to work and study environments.
 .Complete Protections with Durable and Soft Rubber Casing
Engineered with COB (Chip-on-board) technology and elastic rubber casing, Unique 550 provides complete data protections to be vibration-proof, waterproof and dustproof; therefore, users can carry around without worrying about data loss and damages.